flow pack machine

flow pack machine

Automatic horizontal packaging Machine (Flow Pack)

Dimensions of the parcel can be encapsulated:

Plot length: 4-25 cm

Width: 2-12 cm

Height: 2mm-50 mm

Production capacity/50-200 minutes

Production capacity/3000 – 12000 hours

Machine Dimensions:

400 cm long

Width: 80 cm

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 490 kg

Power: 220 Volts

Control screen: Plc.

Photocell for the length of the bag

All that touches the product from stainless steel 304 the rest of the machine is made of iron-coated metal with electrostatic material.

Optional Extras:

A different date printer

The conveyor feeds to and depends on the type and shape of the product.