wafer stick rolls machine

wafer stick rolls machine


Automatic Wafer Stick Machine


Baking Wheeldia.(mm) :2000

No. ofRows.        3

Capacity(pcs/min)        :220-300

(Based on 100 mm length and 10 mm diameter)

Product Diameter Range (mm) : 8 -16

No. of FlameBurnerNozzle   : 10 LH – 10RH

(With Flame Detector)

TemperatureSensor     :Thermocouple

TemperatureControl    :Thermocontrol Omron

CombustionGas(Kg/hr) : 3.5 - 4.5(LPG)

Power Supply     : AC 220/380V, 3Phase, 50 Hz

Power Consumption (KW):9.5


1 Set Batter supply system with pump 1 Set Batter supply system gravity flow 1 Set Water Tank for gluing system

1 Set Filling supply system with transferring system


- Cutting System: Using Inverter with Servo Motor

- Cutting Sensor: “SICK” Multicolor

DriveMotor : ACMotor

Material Body : Double Wall, heat insulated wall with Stainless Steel platecover

Batter Pump&Cream pump : Stainless Steel gear pump (DoubleJacket)

-Dimension(mm) : 2,100 (W) X 2,300 (H) X 3,000(L)

Weight Approx. (Kg)     :3,300


# 10 inch touch screen

# Pressure Tank for maintaining the same flow rate of water supply to gluing system


-Product Blower (Air Compressor with oil-free and dry air not included)

-Infrared Temperature Sensor on the baking wheel (front position)

Turbo Mixer Type:(for mixing dough)


TankVolume       : 160Litres

Capacity    : 90Litres

Motor :  4kW, 3 Phase, 380 VAC, 90Rpm

Material      : SUS 304  1.5 mm(thickness)

Machine Dimension: 900 (H) x  900 (ø)mm

Weight       : 150Kg

Ball Mill Machine Type:500(for mixing cream)


TankVolume       : 500Liters

SteelBall(Kg)      : 400Kg, Ø 1/2” HardChrome

Power Consumption (KW) :25

Power Supply     : AC 220/380V, 3 Phase , 50Hz


Double Jacket Tank for heating and cooling water

Heater 3 x 2 k W, Thermometer & Thermocontroller

Circulation water pumps and buffer tank

Circulation product pump

Material      : MildSteel

-MachineDimension     : 2,000(W) x 2,390 (H) x 1,950(L)

MachineWeight  : 3,500Kg

Optional: Magnetic Trap (for catching the steel powder)

Press Conveyor for flattened wafers

-Size : 600 mm (W) x 2,400 mm(L)

Frame Mild Steel : PowderCoated

BasePlate  : Powder Coated MildSteel

Roll Drive Conveyor : Dia. 4” - Mild Steel(Galvanized)

Belt Conveyor     : Powder Coated MildSteel

MainDrive  : 1.1 kW Variable Speed withInverter

Warranty    :1(one)YearforMechanicalPartsonly