filling and capping line

filling and capping line

Line filling and Closing of the Whipple-(0.5 – 2 liters) liquidsfood Oils (Packagings) 12 heads

An Italian model

Fluid Filling Machine

1. The principle of action

 A volumetric packing system with gauge pumps powered by a motor and a speed tray (Gear box) is an Italian Mofario type and not a vacuum.

 The fluid is pulled from the composite tank directly on the machine.

 Pumps will pull the liquid directly from the reservoir and inject them into the packaging by a suitable slot for the packaging.

 Packagings shall be placed on the conveyor of the packing machine so as to increase Conveyor meter 2/ 2.5 Instead of the rotary table. 

2. Technical specifications of the packaging machine:

 The machine is equipped with a/12/filling heads and pumps with a frequency.

 The connection between the packing parts with a regular chrome 304 L (disconnect)

All the places in contact with the materials are made of chromium high-calibre 304 L.

 Rack chassis 304 L Chrome

The machine is equipped with a capacity of 300liters/tank to supply pumps and a reservoir equipped with a capacitive sensor to control the operation of an external pump for compensation.

 Total Conveyor length of approximately 5/m is made of stainless steel (304) and plastic to resist movement friction (gears and cushions).

 The packaging system is controlled by an engine that is fast by the pfirter for better performance and not by air.

 The bottom-up fill is ascending to reduce the air bubbles, but productivity is reduced and its operation is controlled or stopped as desired.

 All are equipped with a manual (template) to ensure that the packaging is properly secured.

 The device is equipped with a safety system for non-packaging in the event of an error in the nozzle or the packaging.

 The device is fitted with a mobile tray under the nobation to protect the product from the liquid drip.

The inner heart of the frequency pumps is made of chrome, 304 L and the appropriate color for washing and not for the Artemor.

 The CONVEYOR is equipped from the bottom of the Chrome 304 L safety Basin to prevent the fluid from coming down on the ground in case of an error.

 Precision size (± 0.5---1%) bored.

 Packing amount of (500 ml /2000 ml)

 The process of switching the pump and injection phase of the non-return valves Chrome 304 L Italian model.

 The production capacity of the machine/from 3300/4000/packaging/h. on approximately 1 liter, depending on the quantity of the packaging, diameter of the barrel and liquid density.

All machine operations are controlled by the (PLC) brand (DELTA/dvp40es200t).

 Traffic speed is controlled electronically by the brand (DELTA/FD 007el2a).

 The machine is equipped with a screen to control all machine operations as well as the possibility of giving error messages (DELTA/dop-b07s 415).


3. Mechanical Specifications:

 The machine is equipped with an organizer and a lubricant for the compressed air circuit with external Jack.

 All pumps, handcrafted, cut, and the closing mechanisms are made of stainless steel 304 with flexible links to the nucleal.

 All of the composite machine (Festo German). 

4. Electrical Specifications:

 Feed machine (380 VAC/3 Phase), (50 HZ), (5.5 KW)/skines + Feller/cutter beat and reverse rotation.

 All cutters and composites mounted on the machine are European industry (/ABB/Siemens).

 Low Tension Machine control system (DC 24).

 All optical sensors of the brand (Autonics)

 All engines in the machine industry (the Italian brand Motovalario)

 Machine operations are controlled by a brand-touch colour screen (DELTA/dop-b07s 415).

 Sound alarm with light (sarin) for each machine and preferably a different sound for each one

5. Closing line:

1. The principle of rotating star closures to ensure that packagings are equipped with input and output flow with a total length (3.25 m).

2. The lid is automatically fed to a circular vibrator specially designed for the cover sent by you (2) + and an additional vibrator for the 2-litre nozzle.

3. The Chinese rotation is led by the DELTA engine.

4. The machine is equipped with trays (Star Disc) number 2 for circular packaging and 2 for flat-screen packaging.

5. All parts of the machine are manufactured from stainless steel 304 L and aluminium.

6. The packaging shall be pressed by a standard pneumatic piston.

7. Speed is commensurate with the previous phase.

Note: The packaging device's CONVEYOR will be linked to the packing machine and the shutdown machine with a single drive in order to accurately adjust the synchronization.

Machine stickers (libel) circular and flat two sides (right + left):

 The system of labels in the stereo system for the permanent packagings

 Motors master engine will float (Ac servmotor) Brand (DELTA).

 The device is equipped with a CONVEYOR as the upper bracket to ensure the stability of the packaging path and to give a good Whipple.

 The main engine of a Turkish exporter is German or Italian.

 Machine operations are controlled by a touch-colored screen.

 All machine operations are controlled by the DELTA (PLC).

 Speed is proportional to the previous stage.