Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine
powder filling machine

The powder packing machine with the spiral system

With Italian specifications Somminato

Packing system:

The packing amount of 50/G to/1000/g is a condition that corresponds to the size of the maximum bag or as requested.

Fill with a drive (AC ServMOTOR) to get high resolution in the fill.

The packing quantity and snail speed are controlled electronically.

The snail is fed from approximately 60/liter tank capacity.

the reservoir is fitted with a blender because of the lack of cohesion of the materials.

The mixer movement is separate from the snail movement and is isolated with special materials (for the tools).

Easily unpack and install the machine tank.

The machine is equipped to prevent material falling during work.

Packaging and cyst formation mechanism

Bag Dimensions: Width of 10-20 cm, length of 10-38 cm.

Bag: Bag in the form of a pillow welded to a central longitudinal welding and occasional welding from the top and bottom.

Type of roller used: The machine receives all types of regular thermal paper except the free Polythelin.

Roller specification: Inner diameter of paper reel: 76 mm, largest external paper diameter: 300 mm.

Medium machine productivity of 1500---2200 packages/hour, productivity depends on:

The quality of the packaging paper used.

Quality of material (qualitative weight) and its strength.

The packing quantity within each bag and diameter of the fill nozzle of the template.

Type of roller used: The machine receives all types of paper except polyethylene (PE).

Roller specification: Inner diameter of paper reel: 76 mm, largest external paper diameter: 300 mm

The thickness of the body of the Machine (6 mm/12mm) is supported to ensure stable work and long life.

Packaging system with the introduction of the neatic system (compressed air) is a European industry.

The vertical (longitudinal) and horizontal (occasional) columns of the Galaxy are operated by the new Automatic (compressed air) system.

All the planons (Silendras) air for a longitudinal and occasional welding and the film clouds the European industry.

The Accidental welding movement is equipped with a special mechanism that operates in dry friction and does not require lubrication.

A European feeder system with special paper guides until it reaches the configuration template.

The ability to control paper tension with the new automatic (compressed air)

The paper reel holder installs the film mechanically.

A complete safety and security system with a sensor to stop the machine from working if the engine door is opened

The bag forming set is easy to switch.

The machine is equipped with a number (1) and a number (1), one is installed on the machine and the other is for another measure: Made of stainless steel to form the cyst is designed based on the customer's packaging paper display.

The paper is calibrated horizontally by mechanically calibrating the paper roll holder.

All removable parts, installation and calibration are done manually without the need for special tools.

The length of the cyst is controlled by a photovoltaic cell (all colours) and through a distance reader (Ankoder).

Pushing the paper by European engine and GER BOX

The occasional welders are made from European-sourced compact aluminium.

The sleeves of an occasional welding group made of chrome.

Occasional and longitudinal welders are insulated with a special thermal insulation to avoid heat problems.

Occasional welders are fitted with air ducts to avoid mechanical shock problems.

The air circuit is equipped with a filtration system and a compensation for air pressure control.

The device is equipped with a two-gauge shock-relief manual during the packagese's Landing.

Device to print the date and validity by 3 lines, by system you're thermal roll.

A 2-meter-long, 40 cm-wide packagese productsand thermal emborless structure


All cutters and composites mounted on the machine is a European industry (Siemens, Müller or Schneider).

Link for unloading of Electric charge (EARTH line) for all electrical appliances.

Side Control Panel contains:

Key operating and emergency control keys.

Thermostats (3) of the PID system for longitudinal, front and rear welding.

A private computer (PLC) programmer for all machine operations is linked with the control screen.

Touch-colored control screen to control all machine movements.

screen is equipped with a system for issuing possible error messages.

speed control of the electronic device by brand (DELTA or LG).

Working environment:

Electric Recharge: 380 volts, 3 wins, 50 Hz.

Temperature: Ambient temperature of 10-35 °c.

Humidity of 10-90 is not condensate.


all surfaces that are in contact with the materials are made from the 304-gauge food stainless steel.

The body of the machine is painted with thermal coating.

Security and Safety:

A safety and security system with a sensitivity to stop the machine from working if the engine door is opened.

All removable parts, installation and calibration are done manually without the need for special tools.

The system of suspension of the machine when packaging paper is in force to prevent the waste and contamination of foodstuffs on the ground.

The system of suspension of the machine if the accidental welding applies in an incomplete manner to avoid damage.

The machine stops in case of improper shear of the packages to avoid waste of paper.

issue possible messages on the screen to explain why the machine has stopped

Ensure the machine:

To ensure that the machine is a year against any error caused by ill-manufacturing starting from the date of receipt of the machine. and lifelong maintenance with subsequent contracts.


Al-Faraj and the customer will sign a free maintenance contract during the first year (warranty period) and if the customer wishes to renew the contract on a specific basis.

The machine is accompanied by spare parts and several maintenance boxes. Next: Draw film Number (2) – Knife number (1) – Teflon welding longitudinal number (2) – Insulators behind the Accidental welding number (2)-the hose of the film number (5) – Air hoses (3 m) – Several maintenance boxes.

Operation & Training:

Customer or agent can experience

Materials that are packaged by the machine:


Cinnamon Thyme

Corona Coconut Mountain

Jansson Samaq Mahlobb

Saffron Mint Rosemary

White pepper spices black pepper

A grain of red pepper cloves

Turmeric Ginger hal

Bean Nut Mustard