Pop corn Production Line

Pop corn Production Line
Pop corn Production Line

Production line (popcorn) productivity (American model 70/120 kg / hr)

Line specification

The space required for the operation of the line is 10 × 2.5 m.

The line consists of the following components:

The flow of a lift: the raw materials (maize) are transported to the popcorn explosive device.

Detonator detonation machine: the process of blowing up and converting corn grain into popcorn.

cylinder (DRM) in a diameter of 70 cm and 1 cm in length to filter the popcorn from the suspended material (immature grains).

cylinder (DRM) in diameter of 70 cm and 2.5 m long to vaccinate the product with the required flavour.

A 175-litre flavor mixer with a flavor to pump the flavor on the product.

All surfaces that touch the product are from the 304 - food chrome.

Production capacity: 70 kg / hour

Raw Material feeder vebrator

Made of chromium (304) Full flow control with variable velocity resistance

Machine blowing the popcorn beads

American System (Popping machine):

The author of the reservoir to pass the corn coming from the conveyor.

Equipped with a vibrator to facilitate the movement of the corn.

All parts touching materials are made of stainless steel/304.

The heating line is based on a gas-operated lighter system for better performance and lower cost.

The heating system operates with a lighter (Diesel/oil burner) to regulate temperature – an Italian industry.

The heating system with a special thermal medium suitable for blowing corn is excellent.

Line Productivity (70-120 kg/hour) and works with a very special type of American system

The Sieve machine

Made of full-chrome food, his job is to isolate an immature granule with an engine Flavor Unit

Made of chromium food mixing materials with flavored and spicy oil length 3.00 m diameter cm 60A horses with an inverter. 1 engine

Oil and Flavor Mixer

Composed of: (oil tank and bait number 1 + pump bait + drem flipping bait).

The reservoir and the derm flipping are made of stainless steel (304) and equipped with a angular mixer engine to perform better for mixing process.

The tank is fitted with a double jacket for electrically heated.

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